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About Mike's Motor Werks

Mike Post and BMW have a lot in common. They are both known for quality, precision and attention to detail….and they were both born in Germany.


Thanks to decades of experience, Mike is your best choice for BMW repair at a great price. Mike moved to the U.S. with his family when he was just a tyke. One of the first memories he formed in his new adopted homeland was a trip to the car dealer when he was 3 years old. This began a life-long love of cars and all things mechanical.


Mike started working on cars when he was literally just a kid. Although he was intrigued by his father’s ’64 Galaxy 500, his first foray into car repair began on a much smaller scale. Mike would take apart his Tyco slot cars and rebuild them to make his favorite car the fastest. He even hijacked the electrical connection from the family’s air conditioner to see if more power would yield faster cars (it did).


Mike’s mom will tell you that he was mechanically inclined since birth. He was constantly taking things apart. Luckily, he was always able to put them back together…often increasing performance and efficiency along the way. Mike was born to be a mechanic.


As is common with teenage boys, Mike was always tinkering with cars. His first car – a 1973 Buick Electra – was a passion project for him. Mike has always been intrigued by air-cooled cars and that led him to his first job in a garage – parting out Volkswagens.


As he gained experience and learned new skills, Mike was promoted and began repairing and restoring Porsches and VWs. Mike then went to work for a BMW shop for a couple of years. In 1990, Mike decided it was time for an adventure. He had always wanted to return to Germany, so he decided to move there for a year…which turned into seven years. He was warned by friends and family that it would be difficult for him to find a job as a mechanic due to the higher level of training required to work on cars in Germany. Mike had to constantly prove himself. “What does he know? He’s an American.”


Mike’s skill and work ethic eventually won over his critics and he was able to secure a position as a mechanic working directly for BMW near Munich. After receiving his BMW Master Technician certification from the manufacturer, Mike secured a position with a BMW dealer in Germany where he eventually became the service department’s foreman.


Mike moved back to the States and his old boss at the BWM shop quickly hired him again. Mike hung around long enough for his 1974 BMW 2002tii to be shipped to him from Germany and then he was off to the Southwest. Mike’s love of the desert made Phoenix the logical place to call home. When Mike arrived in Phoenix, he worked for a couple of independent BMW shops. He was then recruited by a BMW dealership to be a technician. After 18 months on the job, he became the service department’s foreman.


Mike learned quite a bit during his time at the dealership. Some good. Some bad. The main reason he left the dealership was due to the unscrupulous tactics the dealers use to generate higher repair bills. Unnecessary work was performed on a regular basis. The customers would come in needing an $800 repair and left after paying $4,000 – $6,000 for an unnecessary overhaul. Mike went back to the independent shop and worked there for 12 years. The shop was eventually sold, so Mike decided to go into business for himself and Mike’s Motor Werks was born.  

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